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PropanePicks #4, w/c 29.02.16

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What we’re reading:

Bret contreras providing a solid overview of all strength and conditioning research in March. A nice overview for anyone with more than just a passive interest in the science.

Like Hacker with an in depth look at procrastination, fear and mindfulness.

JCDFitness with a fantastically written summary of the real reason your sugar consumption may be making you fat.

Nerd Fitness with a nice analogous piece, drawing comparisons between Deadpool and some powerful life truths.

T-Nation with a revamped article by Mr Thibaudeau. A golden oldie and one that we actually followed several years back.

Lyle McDonald looking into the hypothesis that you have to squat to get big. Do the compound exercises really provide that much sought after total body hypertrophy.

James Fell I haven’t showed this to Yusef yet…I’ll let you decide whether or not you think this is tongue in cheek.

What we’re watching:

Examining the passion hypothesis for career choice, by Cal Newport:


Habits we’re building:

I’ve recently been watching and listening to a lot of Garret J. White’s material at Wake Up Warrior. He has two key concepts known as Key 4 and Core 4 that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Of course, this recommendation is courtesy of Paul Mort.



What we’re listening to:

Suggested to me by Eamonn, one of the members of our Silver coaching members (Team Propane) I’ve been listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack while working this week. I cannot emphasis enough how powerful working to movie soundtracks can be:


Weekly round-up @ Propane HQ 

Articles & Content
Two new articles launched over the past fortnight, marking the start of two new series here at Propane:

  1. The dieter’s guide to the weekend (part 1) – Jonny
  2. What happens when you stop training (part 1) – Yusef


  1. New Podcast where Yusef discusses the ins and outs of caffeine (22/2/16) -> watch here 
  2.  Another new podcast with guests Steve Hall and Mike Samuels where we discuss how to improve diet adherence. -> Watch here
  3. Yusef’s new video log discussing his experience stopping training over the past few months -> Watch here
  4. Finally, this week’s Podcast – our experience at the Boris Sheiko seminar, and lessons learned:

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Daily Tips: 
Tip # 47 – You are your own experiment 

Tip # 49 – Don’t ignore the scale

Tip # 52 – Tune out for a while 

Tip #53 – Plan in 12 week cycles 

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