This week on the PropaneFitness podcast, we chat with Mike Samuels of HLHL and Steve Hall of ReviveStronger. We discuss:

“How to improve diet adherence”



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Timestamps & Shownotes

0.42 – Emergency foam rolling and failing hard drives


1.50 – Yusef’s how NOT to introduce a podcast 101


2:30 – Intros, powerlifting and bodybuilding (Private or public thongs)

Mike’s site

Steve’s site


5:50 – How to use meal plans to improve your adherence


8:45 – Place goals at the top of your mind


14:45 – dealing with “the weekend problem”


18:00 – is freedom a good idea, or can it be abused?


20:00 – where meditation and gratitude practices can play a role.


23:00 – why we use I.I.F.Y.L


24:00 – our thoughts on fasting and Martin Berkhan’s LeanGains.


Resources discussed in the podcast:  – an easy way to distil macros into a useable meal plan

LeanGains – the gold standard when it comes to using intermittent fasting

I.I.F.Y.L – our series that helps you manage your diet around your life, not the other way around.

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