This week on the PropaneFitness podcast, we address a listener’s question:

“How do I drop stubborn body-fat?”


Jonny, Yusef and Yusef’s green trousers address the topic and more in this video AND audio experience.


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Timestamps & Shownotes

0:27 – next level podcasting and multi-dimensional Propane

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2:45 – Jonny’s experience with stubborn body-fat

4:46HOT-ROX and Yohimbine

5:41 – The science behind stubborn fat (where Yusef mistakes a cell for a receptor. Schoolbody error)

7:13Baysian Bodybuiling and Biosignature 

7:45 – when is stubborn fat usually a problem

9:10 – why Jonny hates Yusef

11:00 – is there a magic solution?

12:30 – what 95% of people need to do

13:46 – when COULD hormones play a part?

15:00 – Why the fat is not our problem

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