Propane Podcast Episode 59

In part one of this Episode, Jonny and Yusef talk to friend and former powerlifting coach Eric Helms about his diet and training, overcoming injury, being a multi-discipline competitor and how he helps clients deal with diet nuroses.

Eric Helmes is the hugely successful author of Muscle and Strength Pyramids, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder, Coach and one fifth of 3D Muscle Journey.

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Show Notes and Time Stamps


04:20    Introducing Eric Helms – coach, powerlifter, bodybuilder, author and PhD student.
06:45 A quick round of would you rather? involving gender swapping and muffins.
09:00 How Eric’s training has evolved in order to overcome injury.
13:12 Eric on juggling powerlifting and and his pro bodybuilding debut in the INBA.
17:34 How Eric approaches training around injury
18:40 Eric’s approach to diet for powerlifting weight classes
24:17 How Eric is taking a more flexible view of dieting and macro tracking
30:01 “Taking off the stabilisers” – dealing with tracking nuroses


The Next Step

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