Propane Podcast Episode 56

In this episode Jonny and Yusef play a quick fire game of Would you Rather? discuss faecal transplants, Yusef’s fan club, how to be politically correct when discussing your significant other and today’s hot topic – 5 tips for increased productivity.

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Time Stamps and References

00:01      A quick fire round of “Would you rather?”
08:18 Tip 1: Going Paperless, Evernote the Prosthetic Brain
14:13 Tip 2: Doing the Dishes – you can only do what you can do
19:14 Tip 3: Turning off Notifications – make your phone serve you instead of being a servant to your phone
31:38 Tip 4: Control Access To You – schedule Do Not Disturb Mode
38:43 Tip 5: Manage your Energy – create the space to focus



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