Propane Podcast Episode 55

In this episode of the Propane Podcast Jonny and Yusef are once again joined by “Love island’s Best Abs” Chris Williamson. They discuss Jonny’s ridiculous leg to torso ratio, Yoga pants, night time mouth-breathing and play another game of “Would You Rather?”

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Show Notes and Timestamps

00:27             The genius of Yoga Pants & Jonny gets naked
03:33 Do you even Torso? Jonny gets bullied on the Internet
04:33 Would You Rather? Wets socks or greasy hair?
08:24 Would you Rather?  Lick pavements or nostrils?
11:20 Fundoscopy and Fundiform ligaments – a medical interlude
15:50 Mouthbreathing v nosebreathing and Chris’s sleep whistling
19:45 Would You Rather? Sweet Potatoes or Extra Steps?
25:27 The Marshmallow Test




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