Episode 53 Show Notes

In this Episode of the Propane Podcast, Yusef and Jonny are joined once again by Love Island’s “Best Abs”, entrepreneur Chris Williamson. Here they discuss our increasing reliance on Smart Phones and what we can do to decrease their hold on our lives.

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Time Stamps and References


00:05         Moment – The smartphone usage monitoring app.
05:22 Bicycles, selfies and rowing machines.
10:01 How Yusef didn’t see a woman on a bicycle until he was 19.
14:55 Flashing lights, noises and coloured buttons – how the smartphone sucks you in.
20:26 Instant notification = instant gratification, how the smartphone is reducing the work ethic of the modern generation.
27:38 How to deal aggressively with boredom – the Presence Process.
33:21 Meditation and Mindfulness or spiritual materialism?
39:20 The difficulties posed by on-line branding.
43:40 How to tune out by switching off notifications and disabling FB Newsfeed.
49:06 How Chris minimises his smartphone use and Jonny’s “shit phone” solution.
57:01 “If you want to change something measure it” and other tips for reducing phone use.
64:01 Would you rather? and Wrap Up.

Moment – Monitor your phone usage

The Presence Process

The attention economy:



The Next Step

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