Episode 52 Show Notes

In this episode Jonny and Yusef are joined by competitive Strongman,  ex professional rugby player and former Falcons Tight Head Prop, Daniel Frazier. They discuss how Dan overcame a serious career ending back injury and made the transition to World Class Strongman.



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Time Stamps and References


00:00            Welcome to Dan Frazier, ex Falcons Rugby Tight Head Prob & World Class Strongman.
03:53 Squat Shoes, Belts Wraps & Sleeves – does everyone need them?
08:48 How to find Male to Female gender reassignment on YouTube.
15:28 Dan’s early life as a rugby player.
20:42 How a back injury ended Dan’s Rugby career and the high pressure world of professional rugby.
27:52 Filling the void left by the end of his rugby career & becoming a competitive Strongman.
35:22 Dealing with Failure.
42:59 Working around injury.
47:29 How Movement patterns adapt to the expectation of pain.
55:53 The importance of good form in lifting.
59:25 Wrap up and references.



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