Episode 51 Show Notes


In this Episode Jonny and Yusef talk about Whippets, Tiger Balm and Nose Tork, and also discuss how Yusef incorporates Ready Meals into his diet without sacrificing either his time or his macros.

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Time Stamps and References


00:00                 A Doggy preamble – borrow my whippet, confessions of Jonny & the dangers of Tiger Balm
08:43 Today’s Hot Topic – Do ready meals have a place in a macro tracked diet?
12:30 Which Ready Meals are the most Macro Friendly?
17:40 Jonny raises some concerns and Yusef states a case for Ready meals in the busy athlete’s diet
19:01 What to avoid and what to look out for – Nitrates, Processed meats and BPAs
27:20 A typical day of Yusef’s diet and how to incorporate Ready Meals for maximum satiety
33:40 2 Meals for function and 1 meal for fun
34:10 Wrap up and references

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