Episode 49 Show Notes

In this episode Jonny and Yusef discuss shoes, fetishes and how Jonny intends to approach his diet for the next 12 weeks.

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Time Stamps and References

00:43     A short story about shoes and a philosophical discussion of fetishes.
04:47 Can you gain muscle in a calorie deficit?
06:45 Today’s hot topic – Jonny’s diet strategy for the next 12 weeks.
10:15 The hard truth about gaining muscle as a natural athlete.
14:40 What is the ideal leanness for a powerlifter?
17:10 Coaches need coaches and why leanness shouldn’t be your primary goal.
21:20 The science bit – how to formulate the magic macros.
25:15 Why you shouldn’t focus on lag indicators.
27:10 The devil is in the detail – don’t make assumptions, especially at the petrol pump.


Brad Schoenfeld


Propane Podcast Episode 40 – Exorcising your lean demons

Andy Morgan

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