Episode 44 Show Notes

Part 2 of Jonny & Yusef’s interview with Andy Morgan of rippedbody.com, in which they discuss Karate, life changing experiences, ways to accurately measure fat loss and how to get into good habits for better body composition.

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Time Stamps and References

01:00        A life changing experience – why Andy Morgan took up Karate.
05:08 “Chiselling the Pebble” – The early days of training and lack of results.
11:20 Why big guys often attract unwanted attention & how to diffuse a potentially aggressive situation.
16:02 “The Last Shred” – accurate fat-loss measurement & how to deal with stalling weight loss.
21:49 Poo is a real thing! How food in the gut and constipation affects your weight.
24:34 The role of the coach in teaching clients to see the bigger picture.
28:11 Why you shouldn’t ignore the scales.
32:26 Getting into good habits – how to track progress like a pro for better body composition.
34:12 Andy on Muscle and Strength Pyramids with Eric Helms & Andrea Valdez


Muscle and Strength Pyramids

The Last Shred




The Next Step

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