Episode 43 Show Notes

In which Jonny and Yusef are Joined by coach Andy Morgan of rippedbody.com, co-author of Muscle and Strength Pyramids with Eric Helmes, and talk about building a coaching business, fighting the bro-science and unbreakable rules.

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Time Stamps and References

03:05       Who is Andy Morgan?
07:10 From conception & side-line to main income & thriving business – the evolution of    www.rippedbody.com
13:40 How to improve your business – winning trust and sharing your best content.
16:00 The No Smartphone Rule and how it preserves the quality of information between coach and client.
21:01 Why there is no point having rules if you are prepared to break the rules – Andy on his absolute principles.
25:15 “We are the product of our life’s experiences” – why enjoying life while you can is more important than chasing Swole.
27:20 The sexiness of confidence and the wonders of hindsight.
30:11 Why you should surround yourself with positive people and avoid bad time-keepers.


The Next Step

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