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Week ending Sunday 01/01/2017

A very Happy New Year from Propane Fitness!

It’s that time of the week again where we sift through the fitness world and pick out top 10 favourite pieces for your reading pleasure. If you’d like to be considered for us to include you on this list OR if you’d like to write for us, please send an email to
Anyway, on with the list!

Our number 1 pick this week is

 F@#K You Resolution – Alison Ludlow for This Is Female Powerlifting.
In this article Alison outlines how planning and visualising realisable goals sets you on the road to success and trumps short term resolutions. In her own words:
New beginnings should be about growth and goal-setting, not holding yourself to ultimatums.

The rest of the list is awesome too. Here it is:

Podcast Episode 62

In this episode Jonny and Yusef are once again joined by “Love Island’s Best Abs” Chris Williamson. They discuss Yusef’s swimming pool misadventures, Testicular Torsions, meditation, yoga and their Resolutions for 2017. According to the BMJ, “22% of people who made them admitted failure after a week, 40% at 1 month, 50% at 3 months, and 81% after 2 years”. What can you do to make your NY resolutions actually STICK?

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Time Stamps

00:01        Yusef’s misadventures in a public pool.
02:59 Testicular torsions and meditation goals.
08:30 Chris’s Yoga adventures.
13:30 How Yoga has been proved to help with anxiety and depression.
20:30 Yoga for Powerlifters – a challenging experience.
25:10 Chris’s 52 Weeks of Caffeine.
29:42 Life Periodisation and accepting that you can’t do it all.
36:00 How long does it take to form a new habit?
41:00 New Year’s Resolutions.


Interview with Kit Laughlin Part 1

A Month of Yoga with Propane Fitness

Sudarshan kriya yoga: Breathing for health




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