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It’s that time of the week again where we sift through the fitness world and pick out top 10 favourite pieces for your reading, viewing and listening pleasure. If you’d like to be considered for us to include you on this list OR if you’d like to write for us, shoot us a message here.
Anyway, on with the list!

Our Number 1 Pick this week is:

25 Tips for a Bigger Raw Deadlift  – Adam Pine, Elite FTS, A must read for anyone wanting to rip more off the floor.
Getting a big deadlift is simple, but not easy. Nothing fancy is needed. Shy away from gimmicks, pound the basics, and train hard. Develop the right mindset, build better technique, and use proper programming. As an experienced strength coach and powerlifter, with a deadlift of 750 pounds, I want to pass along 25 tips for building a brutally strong raw deadlift.

The rest of the list is pretty awesome too!

Podcast Episode 67

Show notes and time stamps

In this 2 part interview, Yusef and Jonny are joined by Julian Donovan, a multi-discipline athlete and “Parkourista Extraordinaire”. Julian is an advocate for physical activity as a healthcare method and intervention, coaching parkour, strength training, and physical culture. In this episode they discuss Julian’s adventures in Parkour, dressing up as Ninjas and how he overcame a serious back injury.

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0:10          Introducing Julian Donovan.
5:48 On dressing up as Ninjas and being mistaken for Al Qaeda.
10:04 A Brief History of Parkour.
15:27 Julian on diversification –  how Parkour developed into Olympic Lifting.
19:38 How Julian adapted his goals and training around his back injury.
24:18 How Julian was influenced by the early French Parkour Practitioners.


Julian Donovan Biography

Currently a medical student at Newcastle University, Julian has a BA in Chinese Studies and a keen interest in lifestyle medicine and healthcare development in China. A generalist approach to ‘movement’, with more than a decade’s training experience across parkour, weightlifting, hand balance, strength and mobility.
Julian wishes to correct himself that Oleg Vorslav is Latvian, not Russian – sorry Oleg!

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