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It’s that time of the week again where we sift through the fitness world and pick out top 10 favourite pieces for your reading, viewing and listening pleasure. If you’d like to be considered for us to include you on this list OR if you’d like to write for us, shoot us a message here.
Anyway, on with the list!
Our Number 1 Pick this week is – 5 Steps for restful sleep after late night work outs – Jake Boly, Barbend
Jake gives us his 5 top tips for ensuring a peaceful night with your pillow after an evening work-out.

If you’re someone who works out at night and constantly fights the battle of having a restful night’s sleep afterwards, you’re not alone. For a lot of strength athletes, the night is the only time to truly get a lift in.

Save the “Just workout in the morning or lunch,” arguments, because those get old and some lifters don’t physically have those options. It’s not that working out late is the issue, it’s the falling asleep afterwards. For a lot of athlete’s calming the nervous system after a strenuous late lift becomes an art.

The rest of the list is pretty awesome too!


Podcast Episode 66

Show Notes

In this episode Jonny and Yusef are joined by regular guest and friend Chris Williamson. They discuss Fitness Industry BS, and the worst fitness mistakes they’ve ever made, as well as a hefty dose of the usual “Would You Rather?” debauchery.

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Time Stamps

01:30    Calling bullshit on the fitness industry – Product Endorsement
10:00 Supplement Hype and how it misleads the average Joe
20:10 PWO Shakes and Powdered superfoods – are they worth it?
25:04 Your worst fitness purchase ever?
32:12 Zombie Apocalypse and the Crossfit Solution
37:00 Would you Rather? and Wrap Up


The Next Step

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