Our Experience with ‘The Carb Nite Solution’

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As you know, we love Kiefer, and incorporate many of his principles in the Propane Protocol. The past few months, we’ve been using his fat-loss plan, Carb Nite to achieve our goals. Here’s our results and what we had to say about it:

Who’s it for?

Carb Nite was written as a fat loss diet for sedentary individuals, but works well in conjunction with weight-training, and is actually used as part of bodybuilding contest-prep by Kiefer and his clients.


Yusef: 30 days apart on Carb Nite


What is the diet?

Essentially: zero-carb for 5-7 days, followed by 1 high-carb refeed per week, backloaded.

How do you adapt Carb Nite for resistance training?

Carb Nite can be done as written for weight-training individuals, as we did. Towards the end, we began to manipulate the amount and frequency of refeeds in line with training, but that requires some level of customisation.

Why does it work?

The diet relies on manipulating leptin with the periodic refeeds and achieving the massive range of metabolic benefits of low-carb diets.


Why buy the book?

The book gives some very valuable (and thoroughly referenced) insight into why the diet works, as well as providing hundreds of low carb recipes. I used to be a hater of low-carb diets, but this book genuinely turned my opinion around after seeing the results.

Will you lose strength on a low carb diet?

Not if you structure it intelligently. We all gained or maintained strength, and Jonny increased his bench from 160kg to 170kg, and deadlift from 250kg to 260kg while dropping 7kg bodyweight… but he’s a dick.

Yusef: 30 days apart on Carb Nite

How fast will I lose fat?

The fastest we’ve seen. Honestly. The reason we don’t recommend this in the Propane Protocol is that it’s not optimal for muscle gain or long term use, but as far as pure fat loss goes, you can’t beat Carb Nite.

Ben: 4 weeks of Carb Nite



As we mentioned – it’s most rapid method of fat loss we’ve seen.
– Worst case scenario is strength maintenance and minimal muscle loss

Yusef, after 10 weeks of Carb Nite


Client Ben W. went from 88.8kg to 74.4kg in 7 weeks with Carb Nite. Results vary according to the individual, and depend on your starting point and activity.



– Not going to lie, it’s tough. Zero carb isn’t pleasant when in a deficit. However, the recipes given in the book make it much more tolerable.
– To add to that – the diet can be perfectly tolerable if you’re a bit more inventive with what you eat. We’ve recorded many of our insights and keto-friendly recipes here on the forum.
– It’s socially awkward going out for meals etc. We did Carb Nite during our final exams which was oddly enough the best choice – due to the cognitive enhancing benefits of low-carb diets and the structured routine.
– It can be expensive unless you prepare in advance, BUT it pays dividends through seeing visible change week-on-week.

Where can I buy the book?

Click here to buy the Carb Nite Solution. It’s Propane-Approved.



Click here for more on Why Low Carb Diets Work.

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