Propane Podcast Episode 74

Show Notes

This week’s Propane Podcast is a sneak peek into the weekly Q&A sessions that we hold with our VIP clients in our Fat Loss Mastery program. This week, we’re helping clear the waters on:
– NSAIDs: Do they impact muscle recovery?
– Lifting belts: How tight should you wear your belt? Should you even be wearing one?
– Age and muscle mass: What happens to your mass as you get older?
– Sugar cravings: How to handle sugar cravings, especially when working late?

If you like what you see, and want to join the rest of the guys that are SMASHING IT in Team Propane, then get in touch and take your progress to the next level.


Propane Picks – Week ending 26/03/17

It’s that time of the week again where we sift through the world of Fitness and Productivity and pick out our favourites for your reading. listening and viewing pleasure. If you’d like to be included in the list or even pen a guest article for us, shoot us a message here.

Our Top Pick this week is –

The One Muscle That Always Gets Ignored – Karen Broda for Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting

You may have been neglecting a very important muscle in your body, the one that has a huge impact on whether you’re going to stick to your diet or make it to the gym tonight. The one that says no to ice-cream but yes to a bowl of Greek yogurt. And although not a true muscle, willpower has many of the same characteristics, such has having limited working capacity each day.

The rest of the list is pretty awesome too!

The Next Step

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