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The fitness industry, strength and conditioning, sports science and nutrition industry are funny places they straddle science and bullshit almost like no other field or industry.  On one side we have those who are bound by science and won’t lift a finger unless it’s been shown in at least one peer-reviewed study to be effective.  On the other side we have whole sections of people who deliberately muddy the water and pedal complete and utter bullshit like Herbalife or bulletproof coffees.  Only in the field of nutrition could someone become a millionaire by telling people to put butter in coffee and have them under the pretence that it’s in some way “healthy” if you can spin the right words people are absolute cretins when it comes to diet and exercise.

The rest of the list is pretty awesome too!

Podcast Episode 65

Show Notes

Part 2 of Jonny and Yusef’s interview with Mike Tuchscherer, Author and founder of Reactive Training Systems,  the man behind the popularization of RPE, IPF 120kg World Chamption and Multiple World Record Holder. They talk work life balance and find out more about how Rate of Perceived Exertion can be incorporated into powerlifting programming.

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Time Stamps

00:35        How do you programme assistance using an RPE System?
08:00 The most unusual variations of exercises that Mike has programmed.
09:20 Mike on his back injury – how he trains to stay pain free.
13:00 Mike’s approach to diet and nutrition.
20:10 How Mike balances training with family life.
27:50 Mike’s recommendations for honing and perfecting powerlifting technique.



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