I just got back from Iran to see my family, and I had lost a lot of weight. I went from 72-73kg to about 69kg purely from the heat and change of environment. My training during my time over there was consistent, but I was feeling weaker every session. Coming back home, my training continued to stall and I knew I had to do one thing… eat more. But for me its not that easy with my background: I used to have an eating disorder, and I was always afraid of gaining weight and being ‘fat’ even though at the time I was a skinny rake at 48kg. So for me to actually force myself to gain weight is never easy. Even if I try I would never step it up to get the best results I could. I had University starting again (my final year) in two weeks and I had a powerlifting meet planned on the 25th November. I had to do something, so I contacted PropaneFitness.

Now I know the editors. I used to post my training in their forums, and everyone on there was always helpful, and it was always a good atmosphere to discuss training and nutrition. I began working with Ben, and although I did have to discuss the proposed plan with him (me being very stubborn), we eventually drew out a simple plan to help me gain my weight back and get me lifting to no less than what I have been able to lift before. I had full control of my training, it was just the diet that I let Ben take the reigns over.

Over the course of 10 weeks, I started from 69.5kg and peaked to around 75kg a week or two before my meet. We tapered the carbs down and I weighed in on the competition at 73.6kg (lifts were on the same day), which is below my weight category of 74kg.

I ended up squatting 170kg, benching 90kg and deadlifting 190kg. None of those lifts were personal PBs as I had lifted them before a number of times in training (and have deadlifted 200kg twice in training). But I hadn’t competed in 11 months, so they were all competition PBs by default. Considering I started this diet weak and well under my weight category, I’m grateful for the results I got by working with Ben. I would definitely recommend anyone to work with the guys at PropaneFitness, in fact I have, two people I know of have worked with them and have gotten great results with them!

The start of the training cycle for this competition was tough and at times I felt like giving up, but I was persistent and I learnt a lot about myself. I know I can do better and hopefully in my next meet (around February) I’ll be adding more weight on the bar.

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