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PropaneFitness feature on Fitsmart podcast with JC Deen and Rog Law

– Video Q&A with Editor Ben, listen to his oh-so-soothing voice tell you how to get shredded.


 Fitsmart Podcast


Topics Covered:

  • Elimination diets (gluten, dairy, paleo, etc)
  • Fasting, hunger, how it affects us
  • Stress, how it compounds, and how we can deal with it through nutrition
  • Thyroid, lab results, and doctor’s orders
  • Thoughts on autoregulating your training/diet with bio feedback such as jump height and heart rate variability



Video Q&A with Ben 


Topics Covered:
– Should I cut then bulk, or bulk then cut?
– How do I lose lower ab fat?
– Should I drop creatine when I’m dieting?
– Does a single fast day help with fat loss?

The Next Step

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