Sometimes you have almost everything right. You’ve planned your training out in meticulous detail and the fridge is stocked with enough nutritious food to cover your needs for the next few days – you know what to do but it just lacks coherence, if only you could get some advice on how to IMPROVE what your already doing, rather than starting a whole new plan. Introducing our new 30 minute phone consultation package.

Discuss your training and diet with one of our editors and iron out any niggles or revamp everything completely, sometimes a different outlook is all you need for a boost in motivation or a spark of accelerated progress.


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11 KEY Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid

"Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." We've been there, tried it and failed...more times that we'd care to admit. This download details the 11 mistakes it took us 10+ years to overcome. You can gain instant access and learn from our mistakes to transform your methods today.

10 responses to “Introducing our new phone consultation package

  1. really it was a fasted day for all three of them and they stared in disbelief at the cameraman eating a low protein high carb high fat snack right in front of them

  2. Cos we ain’t playin.

    Seriously, we were all fasted from what I remember and I’m pretty sure the guy taking the photo had just cooked a big bowl of porridge.

  3. Howcome the price is so high relative to a 6 or 12 week consultation?

    increasing numbers when it matters is all that matters – Donny Shankle

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