Hi, Sarah, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, Propane Fitness, my name is Sarah Laurie. I’m 30 years old and from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. I am a sponsored member of Team Rhinox, and Week 1 winner of Facebook’s Physique of the Week.

Photography by Adrian Hanlon: www.adrianhanlon.com

You’ve clearly had great success with your training, but how did you get started?

I was always over weight as a kid and bullied throughout school and never had boyfriends. By the time I reached 19 my weight had got out of control, I was 15st and wearing a size 18-20. I was so very unhappy, I hated the way I looked, hated the way I felt, just hated everything about myself and had little to no confidence.

I decided enough was enough and joined a slimming club, I was so focused that I lost 6.5 stone within no time. My weight loss made me feel so much happier and gave me the confidence to join the gym. At first I would just go to the gym and run for an hour on the treadmill but after I seen no change in my body shape I decided to get in touch with a personal trainer. My trainer introduced me to weight training and within 4 weeks changes started to happen, I lowered my body fat and lost inches. I have been training now for nearly 4 years and am very happy with the results I have achieved.

Photography by Adrian Hanlon: www.adrianhanlon.com

At the turn of the year I decided that I needed a goal to train towards and I booked a fitness photoshoot with Adrian Hanlon Photography. All of the hard work definately paid off as I entered one of my photographs into Facebook’s Physique of the Week and won. After that I was offered sponsorship with Rhinox, have fitness magazines interested in my story and and job offers from local gyms. I feel very overwhelmed by it all to be honest, but it’s all very exciting.

That’s inspirational, Sarah! What advice would you give to women who want to start training?

Firstly I would encourange anyone to turn their life around as I have whether they be a man or a woman. Be patient, results aren’t going to happen over night but hard training partnered with a good clean diet will get you those results. I find the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” so very true. For any woman feeling scared or intimidated to go into the weights section of the gym, don’t be, you will be surprised how many people are willing to help you out. My two training partners are men, and they really push me through my workouts.

Do you feel that your discipline with diet and training has affected the rest of your life?

Definitely, I am finally happy with my body. It can be tough at times if I am training for something such as a photo shoot as my training and diet regime is very strict. I train twice a day 7am before work then again at 7pm. I have to prepare all my food the night before and take it where ever I go. However if I am not training towards something I still eat a clean diet but can relax things more on a weekend and have a few cheats. My life can be hectic but my training has given me my confidence back and it’s something I love and will never give up.

What do you feel are the biggest mistakes you’ve learned from yourself?

I will always find improvements to make, at the minute I am trying to improve my legs and glutes so hopefully I can get up on that stage and compete. A perfect 6 pack would be nice too, it’s just going to take time, a lot of hard work and a lot of patience.

Thanks, Sarah! How can our readers find out more about you?

You can find out more about me at www.rhinox.co.uk and of course buy all your supplements at great prices. Thank you, PropaneFitness, it’s been a pleasure talking to you.

 It’s been a pleasure talking to you too!

Photography by Adrian Hanlon: www.adrianhanlon.com

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