This is one NOT to be missed. Here, Yusef interviews Mr Stretch Armstrong, Kit Laughlin.

Kit is, in our opinion, the leading authority on stretching and flexibility in the world. He’s the founder of Stretch Therapy, and while ‘Cat like movement’ is their slogan, he seems to have had 9 lives himself. Trained as a medical anthropologist, logician and massage therapist, he’s extremely well grounded in musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology – also drawing on wisdom from his time as an Iyengar yoga instructor, olympic lifter and powerlifter. As an academic he’s also published a number of papers on back pain. For more, check out his back pain book and youtube channel.

At the ‘into the stretch’ workshop in London



In part 1 we cover:

1:40 – Why you should have cat body rather than dog body
9:05 – How your mental attachments can impact you on the physical plane
12:00 – What is stretch therapy?
16:10 – What you can learn from watching someone address an empty bar
20:10 – Back pain
24:30 – ‘Why should you trust a nutritionist who’s in appalling shape’
28:00 – What are the patterns of tension that powerlifters, bodybuilders and lifters experience?
36:30 – Why awareness is critical to injury prevention
42:15 – Acquiring flexibility: why it’s not as simple as programming the sets/reps
47:10 – Gymnastics strength training and the structuring myth. Should a powerlifter be able to hit splits?
49:00 – The reason you can’t hit a full lotus position isn’t because of flexibility
52:00 – On to the HOW – listen to part 2 next week


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