“Yusef, how do I lose weight without diet or exercise?”

Oh simple, firstly you must… wait, what?


We’re normally happy to answer reader’s questions,but this one takes the cake.

Uhhh how can I drive my car without wheels or an engine?

How can I read this book while it’s in a different country, underwater, and I’m blindfolded?

Herp derp I want to go skiing, I haven’t got any skis, a hill, or any snow, but they can’t be that important right?

Fat loss is about energy balance: calories in vs calories out. You can elevate ‘calories out’ with higher expenditure (exercise) or you can reduce ‘calories in’: eat less. Anyone that tells you that you can lose fat without doing one of these is either lying or manipulating one of these, but they’re simply being sneaky enough about it for you not to notice.

So here are some non-traditional ways to slip in an additional calorie deficit without adding an ‘official’ training session or consciously reducing calories, that are easy enough to integrate into your day.

1) Do your morning grocery shopping, housework, walking to work/school/university fasted. 

a) Wake up, drink some black coffee or green tea.
b) Do your business
c) Come back and eat.

Most of our Propane Athletes take advantage of this morning window for activity in their transformations. As we mention here, there’s no inherent fat loss advantage to fasted activity, but we prefer this as a good way to fit some activity in the day before things start getting busy.

2) Don’t change what you eat, but change when you eat it. 

With correctly spaced meals, you can feel fuller and eat less as a result. The data suggests 3-4 meals per day is the sweet spot for hunger management.

Eating higher fat in the early part of the day, and more carbohydrates at night also appears to suppress hunger. For example: breakfast: omelette/steak/cheese/vegetables, with more carbs at night. This may also improve sleep quality. This article explains why.

Sneaky Midnight Feast. (Rob Buckingham Photography)

3) Hammer the Green Vegetables Before Meals

Spinach, aubergine, broccoli, cauliflower, olives, celery, lettuce. Eat them before your main meals in a salad (maybe with balsamic dressing) or grilled with some lime. This way, you’re not deliberately restricting your portion sizes but you’ll have effortlessly curbed appetite. You also got some sneaky vitamins and fibre to boot.

Anna Bruce Photography: http://www.annabruce-stills.com/


4) Buy a chin up bar, put it up in a main corridor in your house.
Knock out 3-5 reps every time you walk past it.


Hmm. Doesn’t look too hard

You’ll rack up a large amount during the day, rapidly improving your chin up performance and the appearance of your arms and upper back.




Better still, make it into a competition with your flatmates (compete yourself if your flatmates just think you’re just a weirdo) who can accumulate the most volume, total reps.

“Wow I feel great. I could do this all day.”

5) Start adding bucketloads of turmeric, chilli and black pepper to your food.

Together they produce a synergistic effect that mimics ephedrine, a pharmaceutical fat loss drug (although obviously much milder). Silverhydra outlines the science behind turmeric and pepper here. Propane Editor Ben advises using turmeric in conjunction with some supplements for fasted training here.

6) Keep Cool

Another effortless way to drop some fat is to keep cool, forcing your body to elevate internal heat production. Turn the central heating down a little, save a bit on your bills, lose a bit of fat and SINGLE HANDEDLY SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT like the hero you are. What’s not to like?

7) Cook Your Own Meals 

We’ve already written an article on this one. Aren’t we great?

Those tips not sneaky enough for you? Well, I guess there’s always cocaine and skeletal trauma:

ooking for more like this? See our 7 effortless life-hacks here.

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17 responses to “How do I Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise? Propane’s Top 7 SNEAKIEST Fat Loss Tips

  1. Would you really say that timing of carbs will make any difference to the body composition of someone who isn’t training/doing any exercise?

    I can understand the idea of better nutrient partitioning to muscle in the evening post-training for someone who lifts weights, but surely its irrelevant otherwise? Why would carbs be less likely to cause fat gain if there is no environment created that necessitates muscle repair/growth?

    Just wondering! Good article I agree wholeheartedly about fasted walking.

    1. @Garry – Coming back to the calorie-balance point, putting on weight is a function of eating more calories than you burn. It’s hard to know anecdotally which variable was the cause of your weight gain aside from the calorie surplus, but our bet is that the late-night meals weren’t it. Remember correlation =/= causation

  2. Good question.
    The idea would be that:
    1) If the tips are combined, then by combining this with a diet and training program OR using a chin up bar in number 4 then you would result in favourable body composition changes.
    2) It’s argued that even by general moving around you could create enough muscle stimulation to sensitise muscle cells to insulin. Obviously nothing significant, possibly even negligible. But thought I’d add it in since there are other benefits too including better sleep.

  3. Everything went better than expected.

    I was on tenterhooks opening the article, thinking that maybe Propane had fallen into the trap of ridiculous article titles and premises just to draw readers in.

    Nice article

  4. Jefro_Sho said:
    Everything went better than expected.
    I was on tenterhooks opening the article, thinking that maybe Propane had fallen into the trap of ridiculous article titles and premises just to draw readers in.
    Nice article

    *click link*

    Yeah, misleading post titles annoy me too

    “Strong females make my heart sink and my penis confused.” – Mongsquat

  5. amateur-tip: fresh chillies (such as scotch bonnets) added with turmeric, cumin etc etc are great. chilli powder is generally rubbish IMO, fresh chillies taste so much better and have a greater effect.

  6. just personal opinion/broscience; i’ve never had enough chilli powder or dried chilli flakes to make me sweat/pant/die. scotch bonnets on the other hand…

  7. I wrote the article with the misleading title. I used that title because it actually happens to me.
    Then again, I do use this…..

    Not playing

    “Nobody is gunna hit as hard as life, but it ain’t about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward, thats how winning is done!” – Sylvester Stallone

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