Propane Podcast Episode 73

Show Notes

Is CrossFit good for hypertrophy? You’d think not – but on further examination.. it’s not a bad shout. Have we lost our minds?

Our special guest (emphasis on special) Chris is back from the forays into the Crossfit cave to tell the tale. By the end of the podcast, it’s firmly on the Propane bucket list.


Time Stamps

01:01    A would you Rather? preamble
06:45 Chris on going over to the Crossfit Darkside
13:20 Crossfit’s bad rep – bad execution or just bad coaching?
19:45 Chris on Crossfit’s fatal attraction
28:52 Work Ethic – Crossfit versus Powerlifting
34:57 Win Hoff & Stan Groff – masters of hyperventilation
47:50 Taking bets on who will cry in Yoga
55:25 Yusef on Mutant Mass and sudden vomiting
70:10 How to be competitive in Crossfit – performance v condition
76:10 More would you rather? & wrap up


Propane Picks

It’s that time of the week again where we sift through the content of the Fitness World and select our favourite pieces for your reading, listening and viewing pleasure. If you’d like to be considered for a future Pick List drop us a line here.

Our Number 1 pick this week is –


Degrees of Nutritional Adherence – Accuracy, Flexibility, and Consistency – Andrea Valdez

In this article Andrea Valdez discusses how athletes should approach their off-season nutritional habits in a manner that allows for rest and recovery, while keeping their goals in the long view.

The rest of the list is pretty awesome too!



The Next Step

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