Here are just a few Propane Athletes that are using our services:


Kayleigh became strong and lean over the last year to prepare herself to go travelling. She lost fat while gaining muscle and found it a truly transformative experience, here’s what she had to say:

“To begin with, I trained 3 times a week for around 5 months, stopped drinking alcohol completely and made my diet extremely clean with a much higher intake of protein and calories, I’d say I probably cheated once a month in that whole time. By then, my strength had increased a considerable amount and I was totally hooked on training. I then decided to train 4 times a week and experimented with the likes of myoreps and 5/3/1, I benefited from both and particularly enjoyed 5/3/1. I also switched to carb backloading for some time, which was incredible, definitely the most beneficial diet I’d tried, making me very lean with a great increase in strength. Plus, I felt better through the day and slept better at night.

I have benefited both psychologically and physically. After the first few months of training, I had actually never felt so good. The change in diet, no alcohol and increased exercise had a huge impact on me, I lost fat and gained strength over just a few months. Training, no matter what my mood, always put me on a high, especially if I hit a personal best. My posture – which was fairly poor, due to tight hip flexors, abs that I’d over trained when young and working as a postie carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder – improved an unbelievable amount. After suffering from back spasms and terrible aches for many years of my life, training brought huge relief. On a whole, my body just looked so much better, though my main aim of training was merely to gain strength and I never initially even thought about the aesthetics. I concentrated on getting strong and the aesthetics just came with it. All this made me incredibly proud of myself, going from not being able to even deadlift 20kg, to deadlifting 105kg was an immense feeling.


I learnt that lifting is hugely psychological: you think you can’t lift a weight because it’s too heavy? Chances are, you can probably lift a hell of a lot more than that. I’ve never had the mind set of “ooo, I’m a girl, I can’t possibly lift heavy things!” I always just thought, “Yeah, why the hell not, I’ll give it a try”. Having this approach saw my strength increase rapidly. There’s no such thing as can’t, if you try and you fail, just train harder and try again the next week. As cheesy as it may sound, this has made me learn a lot about myself and life, something might be difficult to begin, persevere, you get used to it and it’s all good. I’m sat writing this in Vietnam, after travelling alone across India and south east asia for 6 months, if it wasn’t for weight lifting, I very much doubt I would have had the determination and confidence that I do now. The things I’ve learnt about my diet and nutrition, will have an impact on me for the rest of my life. I know what foods best suit me and how they affect me – I also gained some pretty good culinary skills, food’s so much better when you know what’s in it, you’ve made it yourself and you know it’s going to be good for you.

My advice to someone similar, would be to listen to the advce from the Propane guys and just get on with it. You’ll feel better, look better and find a hobby you enjoy. To begin you might think it will take too long to make an improvement, your muscles will ache for eternity and if you do stick to it, you’ll end up looking like the hulks female equal. Wrong. You’ll see quick results, your muscles only ache to begin and I hate the misconception that if women do weights, they’ll get huge and it’ll be horrendous. That’s completely wrong, you will look and feel better than your friends curling 2.5kg 400 times and doing Zumba for 20 hours. Do some heavy resistance training and stick to it. You won’t regret it. 

To begin with, I found it a little difficult, because it was something new that my body wasn’t used to. So of course, the first couple of weeks, post training I’d be aching, but as soon as my body was used to the change, I drank more water during and after training, and took the likes of Zinc and Magnesium of an evening, the physical pain was no longer a problem. Initially though, it just encouraged me, as I knew I’d actually been using my muscles so they were going to get stronger. But other than this, it was an absolute breeze. Maybe because I wanted it so much. The change in diet to begin was difficult, I wasn’t used to using fresh produce so much, having dry tuna, spinach and couscous nearly every day was mental, then I realised, there is endless amounts of things I can make that are just as good for me, but taste a million times better. Over all, I found it all very easy and adapted quickly. The only thing that’s hard, is the disappointment you feel when you go for a PB and don’t get it. Weight training isn’t difficult, it’s challenging and fun.

I would like to say a massive thanks to all the guys at Propane Fitness. After such amazing results, I trust them completely with training and diet advice. I had to work hard myself too and experiment what was best for me, but with out their guidance, I wouldn’t have got anywhere.

Good work, Kayleigh!


Adam has been unbelievably strict with his diet and trained hard. Prepare for more to come from Adam, as this signifies the start of his cut. (That’s right, this is the end of his bulk).

You can follow Adam’s progress here.


Joe lost fat and gained muscle while staying at exactly 75kg over the last 4 weeks.


Salman is a Platinum client, gaining serious amounts of mass and strength in 4 weeks.

Salman has truly impressed us with his dedication to training. It’s paid off well for him, he’s been carb backloading and not afraid to get stuck in. He had just shaved his chest in the first shots, but photos are taken 4 weeks apart. In that time he brought his front squat up from 70kg x 3 to 100kg x 3, and hit PBs in every lift. Follow his training log here.


Ross gained mass over 3-4 months while keeping bodyfat under control.


Mike had to cut weight rapidly for an upcoming fight. Normally, such rapid weight loss comes with an associated strength loss, which is not ideal. However, Mike managed to gain strength while losing weight.

That’s it for now.  Great work guys!

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