Renata has been my client for a while now. She came to us with a good understanding of nutrition and an already very solid diet – the problem? She was eating very health promoting foods but experiencing no real change in body composition. 

I decided to introduce her to John Kiefer’s carb backloading protocol (with some Propane tweaks) and we got started. 

What struck me was how Renata incorporated the diet into her life – I’ve trained quite a few people and no one (yet) has come close to Renata’s dedication to get things done – no matter what. She is a very busy lady and still manages to hit her macros, to the tee, everyday. 

We discussed her diet and put a plan into place, it was after the first week that I discovered that not only had she done everything right, she had been logging her intake ahead of time, preparing food the night before ready for the following day. Renata’s attitude has allowed us to make great progress and she will be featuring an a glowing client update very soon. Heres’s a short testimonial from her, what its like to be trained by PropaneFitness: 


For the last 4 years my diet has been very healthy and I have trained very hard.

In the last year, however, despite having a very clean diet, my energy levels were at all time low. I had no energy to train and I seemed to be in a constant state of exhaustion. My body was stubbornly holding on to fat and despite training hard 5 times a week and eating a very healthy diet I was still adding pounds on…

I felt lost and depressed with the way my training was suffering.  I had seen a nutritionist for the last 3 years and I acquired a good knowledge on a healthy approach to diet but I was not too familiar with a diet to support training.

For years I had avoided carbs apart from porridge in the mornings and although that was the meal I most looked forward to it always made me feel bloated and sluggish. But even so skipping breakfast was never an option as far as I was concerned…

Sleep was also becoming a big problem. I very rarely managed more than 5 hours of broken sleep! And I mean very rarely!

Things turned for the better when I chatted to a friend about my frustration with how badly my lack of energy was affecting my training despite having tried different things. He suggested that I get in touch with the guys at Propane Fitness, he was sure they would be able to point me in the right direction and get me back on track.

I got in touch with them straight away and that was the best thing I have done with regards to my training and I have not looked back since.

Yusef and Jonny were fantastic right from the beginning. I described to them my diet and  my training program.

Jonny suggested a completely different approach to what I was doing before. He suggested periods of fasting and changed the timings of when I eat… Carbs in the evening?! The idea of this was terrifying to put it lightly! But then it was a change and clearly what I had been doing up to then wasn’t really working. I wanted to give it a try…

Carb Backloading has been a very positive change to my training and to how I feel. The first week without breakfast was hard, I felt slightly dizzy at times and I had a very mild headache but then my body adapted and I started to feel great even though I was fasting.

I found that planning is essential. I prepare my meals the night before and log it all onto the website Jonny suggested. By doing that I know exactly how much carbs, fat and protein I will be eating before the day even starts. It sounds like a lot of work but really it doesn’t take long at all now! I found that if you don’t prepare then it is hard to know how much you’re eating and it is easier to get carried away and overeat.

I am also very conscious not to use this as an excuse to eat unhealthy food! I still make sure to choose healthy and nutritious foods.

I am amazed by how well my body has adapted to it. I have so much more energy and although I am definitely losing fat I am actually getting stronger. Within weeks of changing my diet my sleep also improved considerably, I rarely wake in the middle of the night now.

I am definitely back on track and much happier now thanks to the invaluable input from the guys at Propane Fitness.



If you’re interested in getting your own training plan, visit our services page or contact the editors. Stay tuned to hear more about Renata’s progress. 

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