In April 2015, Matt came to us with a question…


“Hey guys, I’m looking to get some visible abs by the end of the year, do you think that’s achievable” 


As with every question ever asked in fitness the answer of course is…




It depends.


“Visible abs” is an unbelievably common goal amongst guys and it’s kind of understandable, right?


Abs are the hallmark of physical fitness in the modern age and everywhere we turn, there’s a picture of a model with full abs on display.


It’s only natural to want to stamp your fitness journey (at least once) with progress shots showing a set of abs.


Anyway, Matt had his eyes set on the goal and after our initial back and forth, we put together a plan that would set him up for success.



In case it’s not blindly obvious, the most recent picture is on the right.

Now, interestingly, a lot of people would look at the pictures and assume they’re the results of complex methods, super-restrictive dieting and meal plans.

Far from it.




Sure, towards the end, Matt felt a touch ‘Hangry’ at times, but in general, he enjoyed whatever food took his fancy…he’s taken a particular liking to Quavers recently…(each to their own).


Matt is a shining example of what can be done by simply hitting the simple tasks day in, day out. He never missed a week’s report, implemented changes as soon as we emailed him and just got stuck in.


These photos are around 6 months apart – we took things pretty slowly with Matt to preserve muscle. Mainly because he had a powerlifting meet lined up in November: 


(he took the 3rd medal in the 74s on the day)


Propane athlete Matt Thompson competed in powerlifting for the first time this year. His goal was to place in a very competitive 74kg weight class.

On the day, it was tight between Matt and one other competitor for 3d place.

We had to make a last minute change and up Matt’s 3rd attempt to 7.5kg over what we had planned (edging him 2.5kg in front of the other lifter)

Matt rose to the challenge and destroyed a 7.5kg PB of 207.5kg @ 73kg bodyweight, securing 9/9 successful lifts, a podium finish and a place at 2016 Nationals.

Matt also happens to be single digit bodyfat….

Lots more progress coming from this guy in the new year.

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This marked the end of a very successful diet before we reversed him back up with the goal of adding some muscle while retaining his newfound leanness.


The lesson here is that Matt used his motivation and drive to keep himself focussed on the small wins each day that add up to the big change in the long term. He stayed accountable along the way, removed himself from the details and just actioned the advice.





The Next Step

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