Nespresso coffee machine I love my coffee machine for two reasons – one, I love coffee, the stuff is the nectar of the gods and without it I’d probably struggle with the work-load and physical demands that I put on myself. If you don’t like coffee all I can say is learn to like it, its a great pick me up, a  focal point in social situations with health benefits to boot  ( The second reason I love my coffee machine is that it’s actually a financial investment, despite the price label reading £140, it has done nothing but save me money. Prior to my investment I was a slave to the coffee house and much of my weekly budget ended up in till drawer of the wide range of coffee shops in town. I now make almost all of my coffees at home, using organic milk and make it exactly how I like it. You can pick one up here:


Soft tissue work and stretching  I’m suffering from knee pain currently and have been investing quite a lot of time into soft tissue work and pre-hab. Every day I make sure I foam roll sore spots and stretch tight areas, particularly body-parts I have trained or intend to train. The PVC pipe and hockey ball seen in the picture cost me £7.22 in total and it has been the best £7.22 I have ever spent, I feel as though I am walking on air.  Extra tip: pick up a copy of Ming Chew’s book and follow his stretching suggestions as well.

Resistance bands   I use these mainly in the gym to add resistance to exercises or change the loading emphasis. Using them regularly is helping me add strength to main movements and even tolerate more session volume that I previously would have been able to. They also have a decent application in stretching and pre-hab. Check out Ben’s article.

Biotest Power Drive    A truely great supplement. I keep this in my arsenal for days when I’m feeling a little groggy. Sometimes I wake up with a slight mental fog and feel a bit sluggish after training, when used either before a hard day with a coffee or after a tough training session this stuff never fails to improve my mental focus and mood. Best thing about it – tastes just like orange juice. Extra tip: combine with a berocca tablet in a shaker and couple with a double espresso for the ultimate morning slap in the face.

Filtered water  Another thing I learned from my biosignature test was that I have a problem with aromatase (an enzyme that converts excess testosterone into estrogen). Since I have been trying to avoid products and food choices that worsen this. One of these is bottled water. I invested in a 2L Brita filter and fill it up every night before bed. Waking up to a pint of cold filtered water is great, you get rid of many of tap water’s impurities and the dodgy taste.

Vitamin D

The health benefits of this are too many to do justice here. Put simply, if you live in the UK you’re probably Vit D deficient. I take 25,000IU 2-3 times per week and definitely notice a difference – try it, you’ll feel great.

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