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Desk bound.....No place for an athlete. The situations you face contradict your goals and make progress an elusive moving target. The extent of the damage will depend on the job but the common theme is that, generally, desk jobs and the 9-5 life make good nutrition and consistent training hard(er). Usually your colleagues can’t relate to your ...

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The allure of the cheesecake... nature's seductress. Often seen as the enemy due to its devastating macros. Fortunately, here it is, reverse engineered. We have been eating dangerous amounts of high protein, low-calorie density cheesecakes. They mostly require only 3-4 common ingredients, and average 360kcal for the whole cake. Here is a variety of Propane-approved recipes, using lower fat, high-protein substitutions: Raspberry-Espresso-Dark-Chocolate Cheesecake via Propane ...


Jonny and I have recently become absolutely obsessed with Dr Abraham, an endocrinologist who specialises in diabetes and lipid disorders.Here’s why:httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzcE9gBqJxoThe video brilliantly embodies two important truths: 1. The pernicious myth, perpetuated by the fitness industry that keeps people fat: “If you eat healthy food, you’ll lose weight”2. The fact that his years of clinical experience ...


It's that time again. Here is Version 4 of our Ramadan strategy: optimised for maximum muscle retention with minimum intrusion to the spiritual aspect of Ramadan.   Ramadan... A period for mental resolve and spiritual benefit. A couple of years ago I would have read the words: Ramadan... A period for catabolism and sickening amounts of cottage cheese. If you're in the ...


Time is a cruel mistress – sometimes it drags by, leaving you staring at the second hand willing the seconds to pass but sometimes it flies past, leaving you bobbing on a wake of mounting stress and to-do lists.  Very few people have too MUCH time, for most, time is a scarce commodity and it can ...