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“I feel I hit the jackpot working with Propane – the best 7 months of my lifting life”

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PropaneFitness Podcast Episode 25 – Stubborn Bodyfat

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Propane’s Picks #1: Week commencing 01/02/2016

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A tense standoff between permacutter and bulk-too-hard

Public health warning: False nutritional enlightenment

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How to set up a realistic and sustainable fat-loss diet (part 3): Hunger and your mind

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Who are we?

William of Occam coined the idea that any explanation should be as simple as possible, but no simpler than that. As an Economics graduate and medical student, we view fitness through the lens of human behaviour and biology. Our mission is to provide the simplest solutions that yield dramatic results and allow you to have that slice of cake while you’re at it.