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I’ve spent the last 16 weeks dieting from 82.5kg to 74kg, to drop a weight category for powerlifting. I hired Eric Helms from 3DMJ who handled my macros and training plan. This is easily the leanest I’ve been when compared with my initial transformation. I did zero cardio and mostly retained strength throughout, improving my Wilks coefficient. Below ...


An obvious contradiction that we all face is the contrast between normal working life and what is required to make good progress in the weight room or with body composition. More often than not, working (in most forms) means long stints behind a computer on uncomfortable chairs in compromised positions, it may also mean ...

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A few articles come up on the front page of google when you search ‘zero calorie foods'. I’ve never seen such a high concentration of stupidity in my life. It’s like someone distilled all of the stupid on the internet, and dumped it on to that results page. The following one is my favourite. I’m pretty ...

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Usually, IIFYM is discussed from the standpoint of: “is this approach optimal for health, fat-loss or muscle gain?”, “Is the nutritional profile of this diet, when taken to extremes, too deficient in essential nutrients?” “..but is dirty food REALLY OK?” Well, I’m here today to say that, actually, none of these arguments really matter and I’m going to try ...


1) Occams Razor: “one should proceed to simpler theories until simplicity can be traded for greater explanatory power” I’ve spent much of my training life obsessing over detail, gradually scaling into more and more complex diet and training plans. I feel everyone reaches the stage where they realise that true progress is the product of very ...